No matter where you find yourself on your journey of faith, you are so welcome to be here with us!

We are a community of people—young and old, from all backgrounds and walks of life, who are learning to follow Jesus.  We ask questions, don’t avoid the tough issues that life presents, and we want to love our neighbours.

We value our children and our seniors, and enjoy each other’s company.  We know that our building isn’t the Church (we are!), but we are so blessed to be able to gather in this incredibly beautiful historic space.

We are a Eucharistic people—that means, a “thanksgiving” people, and so we work hard to cultivate a spirit of gratitude for the blessings of this life.

What can my children do?

We have a wonderful and inviting Children’s Ministry program at St. John’s and we welcome kids from 2 to 12 to grow in faith with us. You are also welcome to keep your kids with you during the service—we have an easy space for them to play and colour during worship. We invite our kids to head down to our bright and spacious Children’s Ministry room with our Coordinator at the beginning of the service, and they will return shortly before communion.

How do I participate?

Come as you are and if it’s your first Sunday, then just allow the words and music of the liturgy to wash over you. We pray that you will feel God’s peace and presence during the service.

You can sit anywhere you like, but you can also ask one of our greeters for help finding a spot. We provide written and spoken directions throughout our service of worship, and our printed bulletin contains everything you need to participate. We want you to feel comfortable as you worship with us, so come as you are— some like to dress up a bit for Church but many of us wear jeans too!

May I receive Communion?

All baptized Christians are welcome to receive this outward symbol of God’s inward grace to us. We go up the center aisle to receive communion, and if you have mobility issues, please let one of our greeters know that you would like the Eucharist brought to you in your pew.

If you would like a blessing without taking communion, simply cross your arms across your chest and it would be our great joy to offer you a blessing.

Should I make a donation?

You are free to give as a newcomer or visitor. There is a plate by the entrance to the church, and envelopes and pens in our pews. All donations over $25 will receive a receipt. Once you feel at home at St. John’s, we invite you to sign up for pre-authorized giving by filling in a form at the Welcome Desk, on our website, or by contacting our Parish Administrator Edward by phone or by email.

How do I learn more about the faith?

We offer courses and hold small groups throughout the year. Our Alpha Course is perfect for newcomers, and we also grow spiritually through small group studies. Check out our links above or call the office to learn when our next course starts or how to join a parish small group!

We look forward to personally welcoming you into our warm and growing family of faith!