We at St John the Baptist Norway give regularly to God’s work through offerings and other gifts. Our offerings support the life of the parish, as well as the work we do in the world, both locally and globally.

We invite you to contribute financially as you can to the life and ministry of the parish and thank you for your generosity.  If you have any questions about our giving programs, you may contact our Parish Administrator via email or phone.  

Pre-Authorized Giving

Stewardship is a term commonly used in churches to describe the caretaking of God’s gifts, which are often described as Time, Talent and Treasure.  Joyful Giving focuses on the treasure aspect of stewardship, and is based on four principles:

  • It must be a gift
  • It is planned
  • It is proportionate (to one’s earnings or a similar baseline)
  • It is a sacrifice

The last point is key to giving; the sacrifice is an acknowledgement of faith and security in God, not material wealth.  Sometimes people ask, “Well, how much should I give the church?”  This varies from person to person, in terms of what they can give, and what they are interested in giving.  One approach is to consider your giving as a percentage of your income (which is referred to as proportionate giving—please see the accompanying chart).  There is no single answer to this question, but we ask that you consider Joyful Giving when assessing this question.

Online Donations

If you do not have preauthorized payments in place and would like to make an online donation, you can make a donation to St John’s Norway through CanadaHelps.  Thank you for your support!