No matter where you find yourself on your journey of faith, you are so welcome to be here with us!

We are a community of people—young and old, from all backgrounds and walks of life, who are learning to follow Jesus.  We ask questions, don’t avoid the tough issues that life presents, and we want to love our neighbours.

We value our children and our seniors, and enjoy each other’s company.  We know that our building isn’t the Church (we are!), but we are so blessed to be able to gather in this incredibly beautiful historic space.

We are a Eucharistic people—that means, a “thanksgiving” people, and so we work hard to cultivate a spirit of gratitude for the blessings of this life.


History & Architecture

In 1853 the parish of St John was established in the old community of Norway. The plaque in the photo below describes some of the history of our parish and architecture of our building.

Historic Board Plaque


Our church building contains some of Toronto’s finest McCausland stained-glass windows. The window shown below is above the altar.

Front Window


The St. John’s eight-bell carillon was installed in 1926 and is still played regularly. The bells were cast by Gillette & Johnston, Croydon, England, and the largest bell is inscribed with the words “To the Glory of God this gift of eight bells is the gift of Catherine Stuart Morrison 1925.”